Series of Skateboard Decks

    RAW and Concepts have linked up to create a line of skateboard decks. The new “Welcome Back” series consists of 4 decks, each depicting one of the main train lines that run through Boston. As a Boston boy you understand how fresh this is to me!!! shouts to Mattapan!!!

    I found some old skateboard decks in the trash and dragged them home. They've been primed and are in the process of being painted!

    Andy Warhol Alien Workshop Skate Deck

    Alien Workshop teamed up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to create skateboard decks that featured art by Andy Warhol and have the swagger of skateboarding's elite. The collaboration proved to create a great deal of cool skateboards for art collectors and skate fans alike.

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Series of Skateboard Decks

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