How to ride a skateboard

    We must learn to walk before we can run. There are a few fundamentals before we really start to learn the tricks such as:
    • Standing
    • Moving
    • Turning
    • Stopping


    Start by trying to stand on a skateboard and try to jump too until you are comfortable. Next, balance only on the front or back wheels until you are used to the feel of your board.

    Take note the position of your foot:
    • Regular stance(left foot front)
    • Goofy stance(right foot front)

    To move, you have to learn to push the skateboard and get some momentum going. Go to a big empty space where there is no cars around. Put your front foot on top of the front wheel area and use your back foot to push the floor. Whenever you are slowing down, do give a soft push to keep going. Keep training until you are used to pushing.

    Turning is really simple even though you are just learning how to ride a skateboard. All you have to do is to put your weight at the end of the board using your back foot and you will turn to the direction intended. Learn to put more weight on the skateboard so that you can turn more too.

    Lean your upper body to the direction that you want to turn to enhance your turning. If you want a sharp turn, bend your knees and crouch as low as you can on your skateboard.

    The basic of stopping is foot breaking where you only have to put your back foot on the ground and drag it until you stop. Ensure that you keep practicing and don't hit the ground to hard so that you do not slip.

    Keep learning these fundamentals until you are comfortable will it. Once you master the art on how to ride a skateboard, we'll continue with the skateboard tricks list

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