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    Creativity in skateboarding is endless because there is no governing body that declares what a skateboard should be in regards to parts and measurements. When the sport first started out, individuals focused mainly on the structure of a skateboard. But with the sport constantly growing in popularity, the overall design and image of a skateboard is crucial. There’s no such thing as a simple board anymore as design has been taken to the next level.
    Most skateboard decks are constructed with a seven-ply cross-laminated layup of Canadian maple. But depending on an individual’s preference, other materials such as bamboo, Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum are also used. Ordinary decks are usually 7 to 10.5 inches wide, but vary depending on the type of skater. Vert skateboarders use a wide deck to provide stability while street skaters use a smaller version. The length of a skateboard deck is usually between 28 and 33 inches long.
    With so many great companies out there in the world of skateboarding, its hard to determine which one has the best designs. The following is a list of 10 companies that have unique skateboard decks that are anything but ordinary.

    #1. Alien Workshop Skateboard Decks

    #2. Almost Skateboard Decks

    #3. Baker Skateboard Decks

    #4. Black Label Skateboard Decks

    #5. Element Skateboard Decks

    #6. Flip Skateboard Decks

    #7. Girl Skateboard Decks

    #8. Krooked Skateboard Decks

    #9. Plan B Skateboard Decks

    #10. Zero Skateboard Decks

    Skater Love

    I wrote this note because I'm totally in love, but do not think it's the same love as anyone else, this is love skater. If you knew what I feel ... good, but at least I'll try to make the attempt explain. I love her smile, her hair, her voice, her clothes, her style, her intelligence, her disposition, her tenderness, her kisses, etc.

    When i see her, I feel happy & y know that something between us two it's going on. Forever & Ever i'm gonna love you, you must know that.

    The Possibilities are Endless

    Take a guess at who desinged these skateboard decks...it is not a leading skateboard company, or not even somebody who is associated with skateboarding at all. It is none other than British artist Damien Hirst, who came together with 'Supreme' to release a series of 3 Skateboard decks. Hirst, who is known for spin paintings and graphic spot paintings, has added this to all decks. I know Hirst is not known for his paintings, as we plainly witnessed for oursleves in class; but I thought this spin desing of paint worked marvelously with the theme of skateboarding.

    This was a piece I did for my Vector Illustration class. A short series of board designs, using mostly my own logo: "The Jester."
    I always wanted to design skateboards, snowboards, surf boards etc. When I first designed the Jester logo my initial intention for it was to be an extreme sport brand, much like quicksilver. Billabong and No Fear. So this would be my first swipe at going into that vision. The Jester itself as a logo, I think is a great story, I've been redesigning it, perfecting it, rebooting it, for about 6 - 7 years, and I think it has reached a point where its pretty final... Time will tell, I'll do a specific post about my logo later on, for now I hope you enjoy my decks.

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