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    This is Martin. On a sunny afternoon he spent some time teaching me how to skateboard. I had never been on a skateboard and was actually pretty terrified. But try I did. While I may only have learned how to balance and just go straight forward on the board, I didn’t fall once. I am now pretty confident that this means I was definitely meant to skateboard. Maybe just not in public.

    “Goofy footed” - when you skate with your right foot forward

    “Pushing/Push Mongo” - when you push off with your foot on the tail of the board, and swing your front foot around

    “Switch” - when you are skating not on your normal stance

    “Oh. Good. You wore appropriate shoes.”–Martin

    Knit head wrap by Charlotte Russe – Shirt, necklace, and ring by Forever21 – Jeans and shoes by Urban Outfitters – Bracelets by Marc by Marc Jacobs and a street vendor – Nail polish in “Poppy” by American Apparel

    “I’m skateboarding! Weeeeee!” –Kate

    “It’s really disappointing when you find out a friend ‘pushes mongo’. *sigh* Yea, just really sad.” –Martin

    Martin doesn’t look very sure of my newly acquired skills.

    After the lesson, Martin sat down and pointed out the parts to a skateboard. He also told me some of the most important things to remember and know when you are learning to skate. He even wrote them down for me. How nice!

    Well, I am pretty sure that my skills will develop even more over time and a bit of confidence boosting and balance work in the grass. Don’t be surprised in a few weeks time if I end up in a video just like this. Just sayin’.

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